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Welcome to PosleStaGramm!!!

PosleStaGramm™ is a social network for 18+ mixed on consumption of alcohol.

PosleStaGramm™ allows confidential separation of professional and family social activity from activities related to consumption of alcohol. This is the place where you can find thinking alike confidants.

Opening account, membership, and use of PosleStaGramm™ are free and will stay free (with the exception for products and services provided by our partners). Taking care of our members is our main task.

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On September 5th, 2015 following the daily routine I was reading Russian anecdotes from Dima Verner. Nothing was indicating amazing discovery. That morning everything was as usual: coffee, sandwiches , light smile - "yes, I already read it, this is an old joke - ... #@*! - "PosleStaGramm"... Everyone in Russia knows this combination, but only now its' consonance was exposed to everyone... ta-da... ideas rushed through my head ("... and here Ostap got inspiration..."):

  • We should not repeat what known brands already were done and will be vigilantly protecting.

  • We should build something new, a sort of "the forbidden fruit" - social network... mixed on consumption of alcohol...

  • Alcohol is not a disease - it is calling. We can turn the process of consumption into civilized activity... Cause Bender was respecting Criminal Code...

In Sydney, September 2015,

Timur Yusupov

Our Blog

Happy Birthday!!!

posted by

First year - Normal flight We are celebrating Birthday. Our project is one year old. Thank you.

Added Survey

posted by

When the idea of PosleStaGramm was conceived - Everything was basically based on an opinion of one person. In the process, we were collecting opinions, recommendations, and wishes. Now it is time to…

New Image for Landing Page

posted by admin

We did not have good feedback re "Welcome" image for landing site... What about the new one? 8) On the left - new image. On the right - old image. P.S. Looks like brutal macho is not very…

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Here are Cyrillic letters "П" and "Г" over the number "100". Together one can read it as п100г or PosleStaGramm

This is exactly what you were looking for!
Registration should not take more than 30 seconds

This is exactly what you were looking for!
Registration should not take more than 30 seconds